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Smiles can be transformed through the art of aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Brown uses his training and experience to enhance and beautify your smile. We offer a wide range of treatments in cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, and Sandy Spring.

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If you are looking for Atlanta cosmetic dentistry, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance your smile. We believe in keeping our patients well-informed and will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your dental health.

Different types of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Porcelain veneers- Veneers are crafted from thin sheets of porcelain and can be used to correct a variety of problems. Porcelain veneers have the same translucence as natural teeth, which results in a natural, attractive appearance. The veneers are custom fit, colored, and applied to the teeth for the ultimate smile enhancement.

  • Minimal pere veneers- The amount of tooth preparation that is needed depends on the type of veneers being used. When less tooth modification is desired, Dr. Brown can then use eMax veneers that are made of all-ceramic material and the most preferred due to its durability and natural appearance.

  • Composite dental bonding- Dental bonding is the perfect solution for broken or cracked teeth. It is a special art that fills in small gaps, lengthens short teeth, and more. Thin layers of composite resin are applied, each layer is shaped and sculpted, and forms a chemical bond with the layer underneath to create a seamless restoration.

  • Tooth and gum recontouring treatment- Small adjustments can make a big difference in your smile. Tooth recontouring is accomplished by filing minuscule layers of the tooth enamel to correct some bite problems, tooth overlap, or shorten a tooth that is too long. Our Atlanta dentist uses a soft tissue diode laser to fix a gummy smile by recontouring the gums to show more of your teeth.

  • Crown lengthening treatment- A small amount of gum tissue is removed to reveal more of the tooth or prepare a tooth for restoration.

  • Teeth whitening treatment- Whether you want to brighten your smile for a special occasion or just want to enhance your smile with whiter teeth, professional at home whitening solutions are available. Dr. Brown can prepare custom whitening trays that deliver much better results than over the counter whitening products.

Dr. Brown will listen to your concerns and recommend the best treatment, or combination of treatments, to get the results you want.

Smile Makeover in Atlanta, Buckhead & Sandy Spring

Do you want a smile that’s pure perfection? A dental makeover can make significant changes to your smile and correct multiple problems. The enhancements used in a smile makeover vary, depending on the needs and goals of the individual patient. Dr. Brown can use a combination of aesthetic enhancements to give you a smile you have only dreamed about.


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Enhancing Health, Improving Smiles, One Patient at a Time.

Providing Exceptional Dental Care for More than 35 Years
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