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Do you dread going to the dentist because it hurts you to get local anesthesia? You’re not alone! It’s a big issue for many people, and Dr. Lewis Brown in Buckhead is dedicated to making anesthesia a comfortable, pain-free experience for his patients.

Traditional local anesthesia was delivered all at once in one or more injections. The injections themselves could be painful, the anesthesia itself could be uncomfortable as it moved through the gum tissue, and it might periodically need to be re-administered if it wore off before your treatment was complete. And of course there was the numbness that could linger for hours afterwards.

Dr. Brown uses an instrument called the Wand to deliver local anesthesia. It’s a computer-controlled system that regulates the flow of anesthesia making it comfortable for the patient. A tiny bit of numbing gel is applied to the gums, and then a very tiny needle in a pen-shaped handpiece is used to begin delivering the anesthetic.

Your local anesthesia is applied with a precise flow rate and pressure. Patients who have experienced the Wand say their attitudes about visiting the dentist have changed completely. Some patients who previously needed IV sedation can now have dental appointments just using the Wand!

Not every dentist has incorporated the Wand into his or her practice. Some resist change, or don’t invest in new technology. However, Dr. Brown believes anything he can do to make his patients as comfortable is possible isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity!

Call our dental office in Buckhead for a checkup or if you’re experiencing any problems with your teeth and need restorative dental care. Ask us about the Wand if you get the jitters about visiting the dentist. Once you’ve experienced the magic of the Wand, you won’t need to fear needles for your dental treatments ever again.