Help for the Symptoms of Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and Sleep Disordered Breathing

Did you know snoring could be an indication of sleep apnea – a serious condition that affects your health and ability to function properly?
Actually snoring isn’t the problem in sleep apnea. It is when your snoring stops – along with your breathing. Sleep apnea can cause you to stop breathing, sometimes for a minute or longer, hundreds of times a night.

Sleep apnea can trigger hypertension, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Clearly, it needs to be taken seriously.

Sleep apnea needs to be properly diagnosed by a physician, but Dr. Brown can help determine if you might have sleep apnea and relieve some of its symptoms. We start with a questionnaire and medical history. We’ll have you do an airway test to check for any breathing problems, and used advanced pulse oximeter tests to sense oxygen levels and your pulse during sleep.

We can fit you for a custom oral appliance, which helps keep your airways open during sleep. We’ll continue to test oxygen levels to determine whether the appliance has helped. If your oxygen levels improve, then the appliance may be all you need. If not, we can then refer you for sleep testing.

If you currently wear a CPAP at night and are not satisfied with it, please talk to us about a more comfortable alternative.