Keep Calm and Stay Pain-Free With the Wand!

At Lewis L. Brown, DDS, we want our patients to keep coming back to maintain their dental health, restore injuries or decay, or enhance their smiles with aesthetic dentistry.

One reason we avoid anything in life is to avoid pain! And dental work is one of the best examples. Or used to be, but not any more. Dr. Brown uses advanced, safe, and gentle methods of anesthesia and sedation to keep you comfortable during your dental treatments

The Wand

Many people have anxiety about local anesthetic dental injections. Dr. Brown uses a technology called Computer Controlled Local Anesthesia (CCLA), and Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA). These are referred to as the “Wand”.

The Wand slowly and painlessly delivers local anesthesia without the pain and stress of the old-fashioned type of shots.

The Wand allows for pain free injections throughout the different areas of the mouth. The computer chip helps sense the density of the various tissues and adjusts the flow of the local anesthetic as it is dispensed to keep you comfortable. We have used the Wand for over 15 years and our patients are very glad we do!

Oral Sedation

If dental anxiety is an issue for you, let us help. Dr. Brown can prescribe a mild oral sedative to take an hour or two before your appointment. You’re completely conscious, but you’ll feel less apprehensive.