Beautiful Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Every dental treatment has the intent to keep your natural tooth intact. They should last a lifetime with proper care, but injury or disease can make it necessary to remove a tooth and its nerve systems completely.

That used to mean a bridge or dentures, but dental implants have changed that picture. Titanium screws are surgically placed into the jaw and a small attachment—an abutment—is screwed on top of the implant. Then a porcelain crown is permanently fixed to the abutment for a restoration that will look just like a natural tooth and provide the replacement for the tooth’s root that will help keep your jawbone strong and intact.

When dental implants are called for, Dr. Brown will do all your treatment planning, a “wax-up” of your mouth, and a surgical guide. A colleague who specializes in implant dentistry will do the surgical placement of the implant, and Dr. Brown will restore the implant into a natural-looking tooth.